Rescued Golden Retriever: Tessa |

Saved Dog: Tessa | Golden Retriever

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May 23, 2017
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Saved Dog: Tessa | Golden Retriever

How Did We Stumble Upon Tessa?

I’ve heard about a very special dog from a close friend of mine, a dog who was living under a bridge on her street. So I took Tessa in foster care until I would find a loving home. She appeared on Tisa street a few months ago where she stayed until her protector (my friend) left the country.

She stayed there for months regardless that she slept under a bridge and that some of the neighbours chased her. I didn’t take her home because she was exposed to cars or because she was severely injured. There are hundreds of dogs in that position. I took her home because she truly impressed me.


Why Did We Take Her?

She impressed me because I never heard her bark to disturb but only squeal to get attention. She impressed me because she knew the sound of my car and welcomed me every time. She impressed me because she didn’t team up with other dogs although it would have been better for her. She impressed me because if I said “stay” she immediately froze not from fear but because apparently she knew that command from somewhere.

And above all, she impressed me because she never ever had passed the sidewalk to her protector’s alley as if she had known where the border was. She needed someone responsible and I took a video of her which had 1300 views on Facebook but no offers. And when I finally had found someone to take her, Tessa disappeared. When I asked a neighbour is she had accidentally seen a yellow dog, she said:”Yes, I took her, I wondered how she got back because my husband had dumped her in Filipesti a year ago.” My jaw dropped, I had barely found a potential adopter for her and now she was in the hands of someone who had dumped her like garbage. And there were suddenly more reasons to be impressed by Tessa, she came back all the way from Filipesti (16 km away) but didn’t return to her masters.

Preferred instead to stay 2 blocks away where she had no shelter but love. Now, in march 2017 I just heard that my neighbour lost the dog again but didn’t bother asking or looking for her, got another one instead. But I know exactly where she is, waiting for someone who won’t return too soon….

Her Golden Basket

Tessa’s immense love and affection for human beings didn’t come for nothing. She was repaid for it when her adoption opportunity finally arrived. I reckon I was anxious about this because she was more than just a stray saved dog to me, she was an amazing one. Now Holland is her final destination, what we call a forever home. Our friend there took Tessa in foster initially and she admitted what we had stated about her, “She’s truly an amazing girl, a remarkable dog.” Thus it wasn’t long until we got the big news that Tessa got adopted and wonderful pictures from her new home arrived, filling our eyes with tears and souls with hope.