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Dogs - Dog Rescue

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Find your best friend

The feeling of coming home, knowing that there is someone there waiting for you, a little furry friend that couldn’t wait for you to come, is unbeatable. And, the only way you can convince yourself of this is by adopting a dog. And do you know something else? Apart from winning a wonderful, loving soul that will love you forever, when you are looking for dogs for adoption, you are doing something else. You are saving a life.

Maybe we’ve said this too often. But we don’t plan to stop. We will keep on saying how important adopting a dog really is. Because the truth is that there is nothing more important than saving a life. We are dedicated to supporting adoption and we are working hard to help as many dogs as possible. But we need your help. We need your help to find good homes for all our rescued dogs. So, we’ve put together a few categories to help you find the dog that fits perfectly into your family.

Dogs for Adoption

In this category, you will discover each and every dog our rescue organization hopes to help find a home. Each of the dogs you will find here is wonderful, loving and will make a great addition to your family. And each has a story. You will discover the stories of our dogs and understand what each of them needs. Some are shy because of past traumatic experiences, some are extremely loving. Dogs, like humans, need the right kind of treatment to help them get passed their anxieties. So, be sure to have a look over the dogs for adoption section and read their stories. Get to know them better so you can choose your new best friend.

Dogs Available for Adoption

Reserved Dogs

Some dogs are luckier than others and those are the ones who have found their human. Basically, reserved dogs have already been spoken for and they are waiting to travel to their forever homes. When adopting dogs from a different country, there are certain requirements that need to be respected. This is actually why it takes some time between the moment you choose a dog, contact our organization, reserve your furry friend and finally, welcome it into your home.

Reserved Dogs for Adoption

Adopted Dogs

This might just be the happiest section on the entire website because this is where you’ll see only happy faces. When we successfully rehome dogs, our biggest joy is to see them get comfortable in their new houses. We love seeing all these rescued dogs surrounded by their new family, cared for and most importantly, loved.

While our work may be difficult, as taking care of dogs for rescue in Romania is never an easy task, we are certain that we have the most rewarding job there is. Knowing that we can save a life, change it beyond belief, is incredibly rewarding. It brings us great joy to be able to rescue dogs from terrible conditions and bring them in front of you, with the great hope that they will find a place in your heart and home.

We need you to complete our mission.

Adopted Dogs