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Adopted Dogs - Dog Rescue

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Adopted Dogs

These dogs have a family!

This is one of the happiest places on the entire website. This is where you will read happy dog stories. This is where all we get our reward. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the incredible dog rehoming results.

Some of the rescued dogs from Romania have had a rough life. As puppies, they only get to know the many flaws humans have, the violence they are capable of. These dogs did not know love and kindness, not until they were given a second chance. That chance came when a push of the Adopt Me button. Someone with a huge heart decided that a broken dog, a fearful dog, that’s been through hell and back is the perfect addition to a family.

Once reserved the adventure starts. Our rescue makes sure that the dog is healthy enough to travel and that all necessary vaccines are taken care of. Once everything is done, the bundle of joy will start its journey to a beautiful, new, exciting life.

But what happens next? To us, this is a happy ending. This is where we gain strength from to do everything all over again. When we see the amazing animal rescue results, we cannot stop ourselves from doing everything all over again. The hard work, the challenges, the struggle, the huge expectations, the pain, everything is worth it for that one happy dog story, for that one picture of sheer happiness.

For you, the adopter, the person who has given the bundle of joy a second chance, it’s only the beginning. From now on, you will be surrounded by a lot of laughter, happiness, love and in exchange, you will look after this little fellow, you will make sure that it is properly fed, it gets lots of walks and a lot of love. But you won’t do it because you have to. You will do it because you want to. Rescued dogs get under your skin so fast you won’t even believe it. They become part of our families and as you would do with any of your loved ones, you want to make sure you spend as much time as you can with them. So, what comes after welcoming your new family member?

Adapting to the new home

Dog get used to new home
Dog get used to new home

For these dogs, the change is huge. While we struggle to give them everything they need, our rescue organization is still a shelter. It’s not a home. What you give them, on the other hand, is a home, a family. So, they might need to adapt to the new living arrangement. Patience is key. You need to remember the background from which these dogs come from. Some are very sociable despite it all. Others may have certain difficulties in adapting. But it is certainly not impossible. It just takes time.

Have a look over the article we’ve written on this topic and be patient. You can find the article here:

Adapt a Dog to a New Home

Feeding and walking

Feeding and walking a new dog
Feeding and walking a new dog

Food is just as important for dogs as it is for us, humans. There are different diets a dog can follow, depending of course on its age and health issues. Puppies require special food, as they need to develop properly. The food we give adult and senior dogs should adapt to different health issues they may be faced with. Also, our animals need their exercise to balance their weight, to prevent various health problems and to help them consume their energy. Paying attention to these details is crucial.

To help you better understand all these details, we’ve put together an article about how to properly feed and walk the dog, depending on its age. You can find it here.

Feeding and Walking Your Dog

Pets and Vets

Vetcare for dogs
Vetcare for dogs

Going to the vet is like going to the doctor. It’s not always pleasant, but it is certainly necessary. When having a pet, the vet becomes your friend. It is important to take your dog for annual check-ups and to vaccinate it regularly, according to the rules and regulations in your country. Since dogs can’t exactly tell us when something is wrong, we need to keep an eye on them, learn to recognize a problem and go to the vet as soon as something is wrong.

In our vet care article, you will discover how often you need to take your dog to the “doctor”, depending on its age. You can read it right here.

Taking Your Dog to the Vet

A few other things

How to take care of a dog?
How to take care of a dog?

Caring for a dog is just like taking care of a child. There are a lot of things to consider. You need to be able to adapt to your dog, to its age, its temperament, and perhaps, its different health issues. As time goes by, the manner in which you take care of your dog may change. It might require training as a puppy, but this is usually a phase. You may need to change its food if you notice that it’s not good enough for it or if the dog’s diet changes. When you decide to own a dog, it is important to know what lays ahead and to make sure that you can provide it with the love and care it deserves.

Have a look over our article to get better acquainted with what taking care of a dog actually means.

Taking Care of Your Dog

Turning dogs stories into happy stories

For us, rescuing a dog is teamwork. And it’s not just among ourselves. There is no way we can turn a simple dog story, which in most cases is a rather sad one, into a happy one without your help. We find them, take them in, feed and nurse them back to health, but without you, without your wonderful gesture of offering them a second chance our work is never complete.

Our happy dog stories tell us one thing. We are the broken ones and dogs help us get better. When we see a picture of happy dogs snuggling with their new families, we see the glow not just in the animal’s eyes, but in the eyes of the humans surrounding it. And that’s when we know. Dogs are miracle workers. They just need us to work their magic.

So to all of you who have adopted, thank you. Without you, these magical creatures wouldn’t have been able to shine.

And to all of you who are thinking to adopt, just switch the section. There is an entire category of wonderful dogs who are just waiting to shine. Your best friend is waiting for you!

Thank you!