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One of the superpowers we, humans, have is protecting life. And anyone can be a superhero simply by deciding to adopt a dog. You might immediately think that this is no superpower, but you are wrong. It is and it is the greatest you could possibly have. When you decide to adopt a dog instead of finding websites or locations specialised in dogs for sale UK, you are saying with all your might and power that every life matters. Every howl, every bark, every wagging tail, no matter how broken or shy it might be, matters and it is beautiful. And the best part of this superpower is not the act of saving a life, but the reward you are offered, a life of gratitude, and unconditional love. There will come a time when superheroes need to be rescued themselves and on that day, your faithful partner, the wagging tail you saved at one point, will be the one giving you the life jacket.

So, rescue, adopt, embrace and protect life!

Adopt a dog!

If you are determined to adopt a dog, you need to start your search somewhere. You have to find that furry animal that needs you. The simplest way to do that is by doing a quick online search. Try using phrases like dog shelters near me or visit the dog pounds. When searching for dog pounds near me, you might be surprised to discover that there are real gems hiding behind bars. When looking left and right you will notice that there are plenty of organizations that dedicate their love, time and most importantly, limited funds to saving animals. When looking for “dog rescue near me”, you will find that there are numerous options just waiting for people like you to get involved.

Getting involved is hugely important. Obviously you can do that by adopting a dog instead of looking up dogs for sale near me but you can also support the work and dedication of animal rescues around the world by donating. In some parts of the world, animals are badly treated. And until things will change, we all need to get involved and help the rescue organizations in those parts of world do their work. Rescued animals need food, medical treatment and a place to stay until they find their owners. So, when looking for dog shelters near me, go that one extra step.

Support the work of trustworthy animals rescues that desperately need your help.

Support Rescue Dogs Romania

Why do you need to adopt?

How a dog can make you happy
How a dog can make you happy

Apart from the rather obvious reasons, saving a life, becoming a better person, doing good deeds and supporting this idea, adopting a dog can help you improve your life. Physically, that is.

Coming home to a happy tail beats coming home to an empty house.

Having a pet brings joy in your life and it makes you see everything around you in a much more positive manner. And we all need a bit of sunshine every once in a while. Seeing life with a pair of positive glasses, knowing that we are loved makes all the difference in the world. Pets give us mental strength.

Find support for your anxiety issues.

When you decide to adopt a dog, you should know that you are actually welcoming an anxiety treatment partner in your home. Dogs can be trained to provide those suffering from anxiety with the support they need. When trained properly, your dog could help you get through panic attacks, improving the quality of your life. You get better at fighting anxiety thanks to your dog.

Develop social skills and cultivate your empathy.

Probably one of the reasons for which our society is faced with so many different problems is our lack of empathy and unwillingness to communicate with each other. We’d rather dance like crazy for all eternity than engage in a bit of small talk. Dogs help us get passed our socialising fears and they teach us empathy and love. Dogs teach us how to be human.

There are so many reasons for which owning a dog is a smart decision and we’ve written an article about it to help you discover them all. You can read our article on why you should own a dog right here:

Benefits of Having a Dog

Why adopt instead of buying a dog?

Why to adopt a dog?
Adopt don`t shop

First of all, we need to make one thing clear. A dog is not an object. It shouldn’t be alright to buy a dog from an online website just like you would purchase a pair of shoes. What happens when the dog doesn’t “fit”? Will you return it?

Animals are beings and their life values so much more than a pair of shoes or bag.

Secondly, dogs are family members. Or that’s what they should become. Your reasons for owning a dog should be more than its breed.

Thirdly, when we are saying it is ok to buy a dog or any animal for that reason, we are saying ok to a harsh reality, the one in which pets of all kinds are viewed as revenue sources. And from that point on, the determination to get rich is so much stronger than empathy, mercy or love.

Adopting a dog, on the other hand, is truly a special experience. It changes you completely. The moment a dog that’s scared beyond imagination, a dog that doesn’t have the courage to look you into your eyes and trembles uncontrollably when you want to pet him, wags its tail for the first time changes you completely. That’s when you realize that you have that superpower we told you about. You are that dog’s superhero.

Once you adopt a dog, you can never go back to the idea that buying a puppy is something you can do. When adopt, you save a life, you change destinies and you gain a family member, not a pet.

We need to adopt because we need to mend everything that has been broken. We need to save a life, we need to teach the world that dogs are not objects. They feel, they love and they hurt.

Adopting a dog, saving a life makes us human. Buying a dog does not.

Read our article on why the adoption process is so important and why everyone should welcome such a pet into their home:

Reasons to Adopt a Dog

What do you need to know before adopting?

What should I know before adopting a dog?
What to know before adopting a dog

Yes, it’s true. Adopting a dog makes your life better. It teaches you many life lessons you would otherwise miss. But it does come with a few challenges. However, being informed about what having an adopted dog is really all about may help you overcome those challenges.

If you have done that animal rescue near me search, you might have stumbled upon hundreds, if not thousands of rescue websites. So, we can all agree that people need to adopt in a greater number. However, you might have also noticed that these animal rescue talk about their cases, inform the potential adopters of dogs that are scared or shy.

What you need to understand is that because these dogs have not always known that humans are kind, they have had their share of negative experience from human-dog interaction. These have left them with scars. Some of them we see and some we don’t. Those that we don’t are the most dangerous.

Some rescue dogs may be unpredictable. Some might be a bit too shy or even terrified of you. Their aggressiveness is the way of protecting themselves. They don’t mean harm.

Knowing all of these facts should lead you to one simple conclusion. When adopting a dog, your trump card is your patience. Be patient with your new best friend. Show it that humans are kind, loving and caring. Show it that it can trust you. Don’t be afraid of it.

When adopting a dog that displays special behaviour, you need to rely on patience and on adequate training, based on treats and rewards.

Also, you may discover that even if you adopt an adult dog, you may have to go through all the puppy phases. You will need to potty train your dog and teach him how to walk on a leash. It doesn’t matter that it is an adult dog. Before that dog met you, it might have been living in truly unfortunate conditions. So, you need to start fresh.

We don’t mean to frighten you. So, we want to tell you this. You can ask for help. By choosing a trustworthy animal rescue association you will be assisted by specialists throughout this entire process. Expert dog trainers will teach you how to handle your dog, how to offer it support and love, how to train it properly. You will be given the assistance you need so that you and your new best friend protect your unbreakable bond.

However, you can read more about what you should expect when adopting a dog in our article:

Good to Know Before Adopting a Dog

Which dog is good for you?

What dog to adopt
What is the best dog to adopt?

The breed is a big thing, but only because, in some cases, breed determines the kind of behaviour your dog will be displaying. However, we do want to mention one thing. No matter which breed you choose, training your dog is vital. It is absolutely necessary. Even if you go for the most laid-back breed, nothing guarantees that your dog’s behaviour will be exactly as expected. Each dog is unique and even if they look alike, they have their own particularities. So, remember, be willing to invest in proper training should the situation call for it.

Breed is all about temperament, aspect and size. It’s also about the living conditions necessary to own a certain dog, about the type of training it needs to receive, about the types of activities the dog requires and so on. Choosing a dog of a certain breed means understanding that there are things that will need changing in your life as well. Of course, this is valid when adopting any type of dog, really, but when that dog belongs to a group with particularities, you might find it crucial to do things in a certain manner. For instance, Border Collies require a lot of training and you have to include a lot of activities in its daily lifestyle. Otherwise, they might have too much energy and that would not be a good thing, as they can be quite the destroyers.

Another aspect that needs to be carefully regarded when adopting a dog of a certain breed is studying its health issues. German Shepards tend to have issues with their back legs as they grow old, whereas Basset Hounds are prone to obesity and problems with their ankles. It is important to know what your dog may be suffering from to adjust its lifestyle and diet and avoid those health problems as much as possible.

If you are thinking of adopting a mixed breed, then it’s double the trouble, as you need to pay attention to all the signs.

The rule here is to pay attention to your dog. Breed or no breed, there are always signs. Patience and attention to detail can take you and your dog very far. And you maintain your relationship for a long time, by taking care of its health.

Invest time in doing the research, do your homework follow the guidelines, train your dog and everything will be just fine. Make sure you have a look over our article to find out how to choose the right dog based on its breed. Happy reading!

What Dog is Right for You

Our final thoughts

Breed or no breed, dogs are absolutely amazing. They deserve our love and care and we need them in our lives to mend them for us. It’s a hectic and agitated world and it seems difficult to survive and maintain your humanity. But with the help of a happy wagging tail, there is nothing you can do.

Check out our dogs and give them a chance. They are looking for their humans and you are looking for your new best friend, even if you don’t know it yet. You need them as much as they need you. And they need you. While we dedicate every second of our time to care for them, the shelter is not a home. They need love, attention, kisses and a family to look after. And they would love a couch to sleep on.

Give these wonderful dogs a chance and you will be forever loved and protected.

Adopt a dog. Save a life. Bring love into your home.