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Reserved Dogs

Hooray! These dogs are going to a new life!

Welcome to our reserved dogs section. This is where we have our saved dogs, the ones that have been lucky enough to find their humans and are now waiting to start their new exciting life. Of course, before we can start making uncontrollable cheering sounds, we need to mention a few things about their reserved status, what this implies.

Before your dog can travel to his new home, certain steps will need to be completed. We will need to concern ourselves with the necessary vaccines, the paperwork and of course the actual transportation preparations. Also, you should know that your dog will be neutered before leaving to its forever home. But let’s be more specific, shall we?


What vaccines are needed dogs
What vaccines are needed dogs

In order to bring a dog into a foreign country, you need to make sure that certain requirements are met. Each country has its own rules and regulations as far as dog vaccines are concerned. However, being part of the EU does simplify things, as similar vaccines are requested throughout all the EU states.

We have covered this topic in one of our articles and you can find it in the link below. We hope it helps.

Essential Vaccines for Dogs


Paperwork needed to transport dogs
Paperwork needed to transport dogs

Getting a dog to its forever home involves a bit of paperwork. The good news is that with the help our rescue organization, the entire paperwork will be adequately taken care of. Basically the paperwork you will be needing refers to the vaccination scheme, the dog’s passport and the adoption contract.

You can read all about the necessary paperwork right in the link below, so have a look!

Documents Needed to Transport Dogs


Dog transporting van
Dog transporting van

Usually travelling with a dog or a pet, in general, is a complicated matter. Or at least it has the potential to complicate itself. However, when working with a dedicated and trustworthy rescue organization, you can rest assured that everything will be handled properly. We’ve put together the transport information so you can better understand the steps involved.

Have a look over the article we’ve written:

How to Transport Dogs Long Distances


Dog adoption costs from shelter
Dog adoption costs from shelter

Of course, adopting a dog involves certain costs. However, the difference between the costs involved in purchasing a puppy and choosing one of the saved dogs is the purpose. when adopting a dog, there are costs involved when adopting a dog, costs related to dog neutering, vaccines, transport and overall care provided while the kept at the rescue awaiting the big trip.

To help you understand what these costs are we’ve put together an article. You can find it in the link below. Happy reading!

Dog Adoption Costs

A few thoughts

Give rescue dogs a chance. They are wonderful creatures, with a huge heart and a lot of love to give. Please take the time to understand the entire adoption process, everything from the paperwork to the costs involved and give our rescue dogs a chance to a wonderful life.