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Ref: RDR001032
July 2019
White and gray
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My story

Our team of dedicated dog rescuers set off on another mission in the Romanian countryside, hoping to bring hope and a better future to the forsaken souls left behind. It was on one of those gloomy days, as rain poured down and winds howled through the desolate fields, that we stumbled upon a small, matted bundle of fur huddled in a corner. It was Evita, a young lady of only two years, abandoned and left to fend for herself. Her once bright eyes were filled with sadness, a reflection of the harsh life she had endured. But despite her sufferings, there was a glimmer of hope in her smile. It was a smile that could melt even the coldest of hearts, reminding us all that there was still goodness in this world. Evita deserved a second chance, a chance to be loved and cherished by a family of her own. So here she is, dear reader, Evita, a survivor of the Romanian countryside, searching for a forever home. She may have had a difficult past, but she promises to bring joy and happiness into your life. Give her a chance, and that contagious smile will light up your days, reminding you of the power of resilience and love. Let Evita's story be one of triumph and a testament to the transformative power of compassion.

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  • All dogs are now in Moreni, Dambovita county, Romania;
  • Preparation for adoption may take 3-4 weeks for adults and 2 months for puppies (some dogs may be ready to go anytime, just check the "ready to travel" section or ask us any time);
  • The adopter supports all the costs.
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The best way to help Evita is to adopt. If that`s not an option, then maybe you can support us by donating a small amount to our cause. Please try to donate a small sum but on a monthly basis. This way we can control our finances more easily and be much more efficient in our work. Even 2£ per month can make a big difference for our dogs!

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