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Ref: RDR001545 | Moreni
July 2023
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My story

Introducing Enzo, a sociable puppy with a charming brown coat that gleams in the sun like a freshly brewed cuppa. Born in July 2023, this medium-sized chap is as friendly as they come, always ready for a playdate with his canine companions. His striking blue eyes reflect a world full of curiosity and the promise of lifelong companionship. Enzo is a pup who brings the party to the dog park, making friends with every wag of his tail. He's eager to find a family that will guide him through life's many adventures and shower him with love.

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Important notice!
  • All dogs are now in Moreni, Dambovita county, Romania;
  • Preparation for adoption may take 3-4 weeks for adults and 2 months for puppies (some dogs may be ready to go anytime, just check the "ready to travel" section or ask us any time);
  • The adopter supports all the costs.
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The best way to help Enzo is to adopt. If that`s not an option, then maybe you can support us by donating a small amount to our cause. Please try to donate a small sum but monthly. This way we can control our finances more easily and be much more efficient in our work. Even 2£ per month can make a big difference for our dogs!

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