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Ref: RDR001553 | Irina
December 2023
Black and brown
Dog friendly:
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Reserved dog for adoption: (Lilly)

This dog is reserved!

Someone made a request for this dog, and now we are doing the necessary checks to see if we can trust this person to adopt Lilly. Come back soon, if the other person is not trustworthy, we will make this dog available again, otherwise, it will be displayed as adopted.

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My story

Lilly is a heartwarming blend of black and brown fur, a sociable female puppy born in December 2023, who's quickly growing into her medium-sized paws in Romania. Her coat is a canvas of the night sky and autumn's warmth, embodying her vibrant spirit. While her compatibility with other dogs remains a curious question, her friendly demeanor towards humans is undeniable. Lilly's eagerness to explore and share affection makes her the perfect addition to any home looking for a bundle of joy and companionship.

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Lilly was reserved so there`s a good chance it`s heading for a better life. However, we can`t be sure that the person requesting the adoption is trustworthy until we make the necessary checks. That`s why you can still make an adoption request for Lilly and if the current adopter does not pass our tests, we will contact you!

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