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Cutest girl in the world, perfect for you!

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This dog is reserved!

Someone made a request for this dog and currently we are doing the necessary checks to see if we can trust this person to adopt Lacey. You can still make an adoption request so that we can contact you if the other person is not suitable.

Important notice!

  • All dogs are currently in Moreni, Dambovita county, Romania.;
  • Preparation for adoption may take 3-4 weeks for adults and 2 months for puppies (some dogs may be ready to go anytime, just check the "ready to travel" section or ask us any time);
  • The total adoption fee is 80 euros but does NOT include transport, this will separately be booked and paid by future owner);
  • The adopter supports all the costs.
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Lacey is an adorable girl, 3 months old, found on the streets along with her 2 sisters. Was brought to the shelter all alone scared and hungry, now she is just cute and a fatty who needs a bigger and lovely home. What do you think the odds are given their level of cuteness? Ready to jump in our arms this Christmas!

Shar-pei mix.

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Lacey was reserved so there`s a good chance it`s heading for a better life. However, we can`t be sure that the person requesting the adoption is trustworthy until we make the necessary checks. That`s why you can still make an adoption request for Lacey and if the current adopter does not pass our tests, we will contact you!

If you can, please support us by donating a small amount to our cause. The best way to donate is a small sum, on a monthly basis. This way we can control our finances more easily and be much more efficient in our work. Even 2£ per month can make a big difference for our dogs!