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Saved Dog: Tara | Common Breed, Disabled

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January 5, 2018
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Saved Dog: Tara | Common Breed, Disabled

Her Happy Ending

We took her without thinking about  the circumstances, she needed help but where was she to be placed? A dog in her state wasn't a dog for a shelter, she needed special care. We immediately found a better option when crying out for help on social media (her story impressed hundreds of people) - a clinic, even though the costs were way bigger, but it was her only chance of survival. Step by step, her condition started to get better and better as she got the care and attention she needed. Thanks to the  great vet there, we solved her eye problem too, the only problem left was how to improve her spine condition, but once again, the lovely ladies from the clinic had taken care of that.

Sooner than we thought, Tara received an adoption request from USA - a lady, who is used to dogs with special needs, we immediately asked the vet about the preps needed and hurried up in order to give Tara the beloved home she needs. This sweet girl was also starting to gain some weight due to the quality food and it was obvious that she adores giving lots of kisses. Now, living in USA, she's living the American Dream being loved forever, being taken care of, it’s all she ever needed. Her owner can’t imagine life without her now. They are meant to be together forever, like the owner said. Her Christmas and all of them from now on are the best and unforgettable for both the owner and the lovely black fur girl.