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Saved Dog: Furry | Border Collie

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May 23, 2017
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Saved Dog: Furry | Border Collie

How Furry ended up with us?

Furry was just a few months old when he was brought to our shelter by some people who were claiming that they had found him walking the streets up and down all alone. What were we to do but give him a spot which we could hardly make for him.

He was growing fast and was always hungry poor fellow. But he never stopped showing his gratitude that he was being looked after and fed, even if poorly. At that time our shelter was only receiving limited food from a local association so like most of our dogs, Furry got some serious scab. With no medicine, this ailment persisted for months.


Luckily, I met Mrs Rusen while helping her clear the room with cats that was within the dog shelter. Thus I noticed she was in desperate need for serious help as winter was coming and dogs barely had kennels to stay in, let alone hay and blankets. It was then when I created this page to gain some online exposure and thank God it was worth it. We told our story and we got noticed so that dogs started receiving medicines, hay and better food.

His opportunity

Furry was noticed by a rescuer in Holland who was deeply touch by his gentle and yet desperate face. He was begging whoever was passing his cage to stay a bit, just for a few moments at least and talk to him. Even if big, Furry had never before got in a fight with other dogs and loved the care keeper’s children which stroked him every now and then. But he had waited enough, now he was taken out of the kennel for the first time in order to go in foster care until he was ready to travel to his forever loving home.

Furry couldn’t believe he was out of the shelter in a big garden with a few other dogs also waiting to travel. It was heaven for him. He made an amazing transformation right away. His ears were no longer leaned back, but were straight and pointy, his fur was no longer covered with dirt, but was clean and shiny, his attitude wasn’t sad anymore, but he was full of energy.


Finally home

When the prep time was over, Furry was sent home. He wasn’t shy at all, moreover he was acting like he had always been in that house. Everything was a toy and a joy. Neighbours were even asking where did the new owners find such a good and beautiful dog.