Rescued German Shepherd: Betty |

Saved Dog: Betty | German Shepherd

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May 23, 2017
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May 23, 2017
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Saved Dog: Betty | German Shepherd

How she got here?

Betty is a big German shepherd cross saved from an abandoned yard where she could barely survive with her pups. When we brought her in she was already the mum of 3 baby girls but sadly one didn’t make it. We were still happy that at least the other two pups were alibve and healthy and managed to have a happy pup life with us. Now they are waiting to be boarded on a ship with the tag :"to a happy forever home".


While in shelter

We treated her and now she is the guardian of our shelter as she is very protective and fierce as a true German shepherd. We made her our guard because she is really possessive with her humans and needs a lot of space for her constant need of running. She’s around 4 years old and she loves to run around the cages as we can barely convince her to stay in one, but if we give her some treats, she won’t mind to stay closed for a few hours, while other dogs are enjoying running around in the yard for a few minutes.

In the end

She became a stunning dog in time, as she was very thin when we got her in the shelter. When she is in the mood for playing, she starts barking and then she bites our hands gently, without forcing, letting us know that she wants to play with us. We won’t give her for adoption as she’s a professional guarding dog, so we always know that we can count on her when the night comes.