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Saved Dog: Molly & Dolly | Labrador

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Saved Dog: Molly & Dolly | Labrador


How did Molly and Dolly end up with us?

Molly and Dolly are two beautiful completely black sisters which were brought in our shelter when they were very little, cruelly abandoned in front of our shelter’s gates with their mum, a German Shepherd cross. They contracted the deadly viruses as pups but were strong enough to fight them and stay alive. Also their appearance suffered greatly when scab touched their dark beautiful fur.

But once all of these health problems were overcame, they showed their true beauty. They are stunning and obedient but people often overlook black animals for various usually superstitious reasons. They stayed long enough in a small cage, suffering for having no place to run like puppies should enjoy freedom.

About Molly and Dolly

We think our girls are a Labrador cross, although we don’t know their father, their behavior resembles to a Labrador's so much: they are nice, gentle and very energetic, a little shy at first due to the fact that they have lived in a small cage their whole life. They are very lovely, shy because of the cage which doesn’t provide them the space they need. If they’ll get the well-deserved love, they will surely become more approachable and the small cage will be just an unhappy memory.

Their fur is really special, as its color is a stunning shiny black which apparently doesn’t give them many chances when it comes to adopting. Black dogs are like black cats: hard to adopt because they are said to bring bad luck but we know that things are exactly the opposite

Their opportunity

Finally, these girls were so lucky to be adopted together. They traveled all the way to Finland and stayed in foster, learning how to accept humans, cats and how to be house trained. In time, their behavior has changed for the better, gaining confidence and offering love in return. Indeed, now the ice cold bars are just a bad memory, left behind for good.