Saved Dog: Simon | Shepherd Cross, Incredible Story

Saved dog: Simon | Shepherd Cross

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Saved dog: Simon | Shepherd Cross

How It Started

This beautiful baby boy was around one and a half years old back in 2016, and now, a year later, he's a very handsome dog who regain his looks after being adopted and returned like an object. Of course, he didn't lead a good life, he was starving, kept tied up and had a skin condition. He was adopted as a pup but soon returned because he had chewed a pair of slippers.

He got another chance and got adopted later by someone in the area but we found him in a deplorable condition and brought him back. Again! Now he has become the most beautiful dog, in his best shape ever.

His Opportunity

Now, after being adopted, he has become the most beautiful dog ever, he's in a very good shape and his owners simply adore him. His big chance came up in the winter of 2017, on 13th of February. He was among the first dogs adopted from our shelter. Now his forever home is in Holland, where he is loved and super spoiled. He lives in a farm where his big size doesn't matter at all as he has a big yard where he can run all the time. His first big surprise when he got there was a big field full of blue flowers. Initially, he froze, he was stunned, then he started to run and to enjoy himself. Until then he never imagined that he would get to taste freedom. The pictures that we received lately, prove that he is in heaven. He received what he truly deserved: space, love and last but not least, a home