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Saved Dog: Siri | Common Breed

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Saved Dog: Siri | Common Breed


How did she end up with us?

This is the usual story of Romanian abandoned dogs. Siri was brought to our shelter with the wave of the spring abandoned puppies in 2016. She stayed in a small cage along with other pups. Unfortunately, they all went through the usual diseases, but only Siri refused to leave this world when she contracted parovirosis. Thus, we consider her a true fighter as she also suffered from a very bad skin condition, her hair wouldn’t stop falling because of the ruthless mange.

Her Happy Ending

After she was adopted, the kisses, belly rubs and love were something usual. Now she is living her dream in Holland thanks to her wonderful guardian angel who makes sure that Siri is living her life at its fullest. There aren't many things to say here, pictures speak for themselves. Siri made indeed an amazing recovery and her appearance is one from a cover magazine. Her owner and Siri made the perfect match and they go everywhere together. "No holiday without my dog" the lady stated and we couldn't be happier when we hear from them. So dear friends, why not adopt one of our puppies and make one dog's life worth telling?

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