Rescued Dogs: Mosu and Aris | Common Breed, Touching Story

Saved Dogs: Mosu and Aris | Common Breed

Saved dog: Simon | Shepherd Cross
January 5, 2018
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Saved Dogs: Mosu and Aris | Common Breed

stray dogs

stray dogs

How it started

Mosu and Aris- an amazing story between two wonderful dogs, a father – son journey. Mosu and Aris had been found in front of a local shop in Moreni, both of them living in a shakedown underneath.

stray dogs
stray dog with puppy

The vendor lady there used to feed them secretly fearing the people would poison them as they always got mad seeing dogs being fed in their neighbourhood, fearing for their safety. In general, all animal lovers who dare to feed strays are being cursed, threatened that they would find their dogs dead someday. Sadly, that happens quite often.

How we got to them

So she begged us to take them, she had known Mosu for a long time and now there was 2 of them, inseparable, looking one after another. On the streets his whole life, Mosu was a good dog, but now he had to be strong and keep the baby safe thus he was dangerous for people who would chase the new pup. A tensioned situation. It was then when we understood that they must stay together, their bound was so strong and impressed us deeply.

When in shelter

So, we took them to safety as we were puzzled by the way Mosu protected Aris this whole time. We could hardly approach him because of his protective instinct, but when we succeeded, we placed both of them in the same kennel. Mosu needed to understand that they were now safe and we think that this transition in the shelter helped him in this way, a transition especially needed before placing him in a permanent home. Day by day, Aris was getting bigger and bigger and Mosu, older and older..the kennel was very little and they couldn’t enjoy life as a dog normal dog should.

Aris needed a home and he needed fast, Mosu too. They were really the sweetest pair of dogs ever, Aris even started taking care of Mosu as he gradually became weaker. At first, he was trying to make Mosu play with him out of boredom, but when he understood what was happening, he became a very careful young boy. Soon, as their story became more visible on our social media platform, someone saw them and eagerly wanted to offer them the home they so much deserved.

foster dogs

Yay, we got reserved!

After struggling with the preps, a proper treatment for both of them- Mosu was having trouble with his skin condition and some tumours – they were ready to get on their happy bus to freedom, and love, to their new parents. Despite our desire and efforts to have them adopted together, they only shared the foster home and actually got to enjoy a normal happy life together for quite a few months.

Now and for Always

Sadly, they were separated from each other when an adopter for Aris appeared, but everyone will remember them as the FATHER-SON COUPLE. Both of them got to their dream families, in England. Mosu and Aris are now living with their owners, in big houses filled with love and warmth, but always thinking of each other.

They can now run freely in big yards, gladly giving kisses to their owners who can’t now imagine world without them. Both of them were a little shy at first, especially Mosu who had lived his whole life on the streets, but all disappeared in time as they were getting back their confidence in people. Now, they have a wonderful live along with their nice, loving parents.

Mosu did his job- he protected Aris- now he is done, he had finished his duty as an adoptive father and can enjoy the rest of his days in tranquility like an old dog should. Not seldom we we receive news from them and cute videos that fill our hearts.