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The Forgotten Shelter

We call it The Forgotten Shelter… it`s a place for which no one takes responsibility. Ignored by the authorities, It is managed and maintained by a handful of volunteers and it`s entirely supplied by donations.

We care for 90 dogs

In April 2017, the shelter housed 70 adult dogs, 20 puppies and 4 cats. All of them cared, fed and walked by volunteers.

Life inside the Forgotten Shelter

Life in the shelter is very tough and stressful for the dogs. In the winter, they have to suffer from low temperatures (their dog houses are made of concrete). In the summer, they have to endure the scorching heat, sometimes well above 100°F.

The kennels are 4 feet wide by 6 feed long. Most of their length is used by the dog-house itself, that uses about 4 feet. The 2 feet remaining are the dog`s “walking” space. Fortunately for some of them, they can climb on top of the dog house and gain some space.

This small size is the reason because the Local Authorities are not allowed to use the shelter as the Municipal Dog Pound. The laws that define the minimum space required for a Dog Pound were changed after the shelter was built. In this case, in order for it to be run legally, it will have to be demolished and rebuild. This requires a very large investment from the City Hall, one that is shadowed by other priorities in this small town.

We animals

and we will continue fighting for these dogs

If you can help us, support us by adopting a dog or by donating to our cause

Our Team

🇬🇧 United Kingdom


Sallyanne Brennan

+44 785 000 3774

Hello I’m Sally
I’m the first point of contact for people applying for our dogs in UK
I organise all the paperwork for dogs travelling to uk and co ordinate our Rescue Back Up

🇬🇧 United Kingdom


Julie Evans


I do the homecheck’s needed to rehome the dogs in the U.K. I also do the fundraising for the shelter and the dogs

🇬🇧 United Kingdom



Hi I’m Tessa
I co ordinate and maintain the sponsorship programme for Moreni

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