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Adopt a dog from Romania!

The best way you can support us is by adopting one of our dogs or from any shelter in Romania.This way, you will help them get the life that they deserve and rescue them from the miserable shelters in our country.

All the dogs that leave our shelter are vaccinated, spayed and ready for international travel. We provide all the services required for the preparation and transportation, you just have to accept it in your life!.

We have dedicated an entire section of our site to this cause. You can click on the Adopt a dog button in order to see the dogs available for adoption.

See our dogs!

For a moment, Chappy was joyful, thinking that he has finally found his owner :(

Heartbroken dog

Bad luck again.... if you can`t adopt him, maybe you can buy him and his friends some time until they find someone who will give them a home.

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Exposure can make a big difference for these helpless souls!

If you want to get involved, please help us get exposure however you can.

The more people see our cases, the more chances they have to find a home.

Follow us on your favorite social media channel and share our posts if you find them interesting,


If you can`t adopt, maybe you can help others do so by donating to our cause. Your donation will help both buy some time for the dogs in the shelter and send other to their adoptive families.

We use the donations transparently, making public every expenditure we have. You can see them on our Facebook feed, we post there daily. The donations are mainly used for:

Treatments and medicine

Most of our dogs are sick when we find them, some of them in critical condition. Even though our doctor does volunteer work and we are not charged, we have significant costs with medical supplies.

Food and maintenance

Our shelter accommodates tens of hungry dogs so providing a constant supply of dog food is critical. Besides the food, the shelter has other administrative and maintenance costs - especially repairing and refitting the kennels.

Vaccines and paperwork

When a dog has found it`s adoptive parent, we do our best to ease the situation for the adopter as much as possible. That`s why we arrange and pay the transport, prepare the paperwork and make sure that the dog is ready to go. We also provide the transfer from our town to the nearest drop-off point, where the special transport picks the dog.


The easiest way is to send us funds in our PayPal account: [email protected] or use this PayPal.Me link

Wire Transfer

If you prefer to send us funds in our bank account, you can donate using the following details:

Mrs. Julie Evans

Sort code 53-50-41

Account number 59496363

Continuous Support

If you appreciate our work and wold like to help us even more, there is the option to automatically offer us a monthly payment.

This would help us the most because having a stable income, we could plan and manage our expenses much more efficiently, thus making the best of your donation.

If you can help us with the monthly support, please select the amount and the desired destination of the funds, then click Subscribe.

All payments are managed through PayPal and are 100% refundable and safe for the donor.

Click on the box below to choose your monthly support:
The funds should be used for...
Now click on Subscribe to go to PayPal and confirm


Our shelter is funded exclusively by donations and it`s manned only by volunteers.

That is why we constantly need to find new way to supply it and keep our dogs fed and treated.

In the following list you can see what supplies we urgently need. Please contact us as soon as possible if you can supply any of these items.

Contact us by sending an e-mail to:

[email protected]

At this time we are updating the list, please come back in a couple of days.


Last updated on 24th of May 2017
295dogs sent to their families
83dogs in the shelter
500 dogs still on the streets
174puppies saved from disease