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On this page, you will find everything you need to know when adopting a dog. We will cover both the preliminary phases and what will happen after the adoption has taken place. If you feel that this section lacks any information, feel free to contact us: [email protected]

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We have also put together a list of frequently asked questions which seek to answer common issues encountered with the adoption process.

Before adoption

Welcome to the before adoption section. We know that every dog is a blessing, but we are eager to share the news with all those interested. So, if you are considering adopting a dog from the shelter, then you are in the perfect place. In this section, we will be covering everything you need to know, from the basic stuff, like answering the big why should you adopt, to the more delicate aspects, such as the responsibility issue. Discover what adopting a dog is actually all about and why some people are calling adoption the best decision they’ve ever made.

How a dog can make you happy
How a dog can make you happy

Why do you need a dog?

How a dog can make you happy

Wondering why you need a dog? This one is simple. You need to come home to happiness and a frantically wagging tail, not silence.

Why to adopt a dog?
Adopt don`t shop

Why adopt and not buy?

Adopt, don`t shop

Adopting is saving. Adopting is giving a second chance. Adopting is seeing gratitude every single day. So, why not adopt?

What should I know before adopting a dog?
What to know before adopting a dog

Learn before adopting

Things you should take into consideration before adopting a shelter dog

Adopting is a wonderful gesture. But it comes with responsibilities. Make sure you know what these are and you are up for the challenge.

What dog to adopt
What is the best dog to adopt?

What dog is right for you?

What breed of dog is the best for you?

Dogs, dogs, dogs, everywhere you see dogs. Which is the right fit for your needs? Big or small? Snappish or laid back? Let’s find out!

During adoption

We know that the adoption process can be somehow difficult and full of obstacles and yes, research is of tremendous importance, no doubt about that. However, the good news is that each one of our dogs is covered, as far as procedures are concerned. Indeed, our team of volunteers is ready to help, making sure that you, the adopter have nothing to worry about. Just give this section a read to see what we are talking about. Adopting a dog shouldn’t be confusing and difficult. It should be a time of great joy. Let’s make sure that it is just that!

What vaccines are needed dogs
What vaccines are needed dogs


The essential vaccines for dogs

Make sure your dog is strong and healthy. Grab essential knowledge on how to properly vaccinate your dog.

Paperwork needed to transport dogs
Paperwork needed to transport dogs


What paperwork is needed to transport dogs?

Did you know that dogs need a passport too? Here are the essential details on the entire paperwork involved.

Dog transporting van
Dog transporting van


How can you transport dogs on long distances?

We’ve been transporting dogs for some time now, covering thousands and thousands of miles. Let us tell you more about it!

Dog adoption costs from shelter
Dog adoption costs from shelter


How much does adopting a dog costs?

Yes, adopting a dog comes with some financial effort. It’s important, however, to understand what that cost means.

After adoption

So, you’ve finally done it. Congratulations! Your new best friend is on its way to your home. And this means that we need to spice things up a bit and provide you with some useful pet tips and pieces of advice. Hopefully, the information you will find here will help you and your new best friend hit it off right away. Usually, it’s love at first sight, but there are those administrative tasks that come with the relationship. But don’t worry, we have you covered. Just sit back, pet that furry friend of yours and read out tips. All is well with a dog nearby!

Dog get used to new home
Dog get used to new home

Adapting to the new home

How to adapt dog to a new home?

How to make your new furry friend settle in just right? Let us share with you a few helpful tips on this topic.

Feeding and walking a new dog
Feeding and walking a new dog

Feeding and walking

How to feed and walk a new dog?

Pets are just like children. Feeding and walking them, while following a schedule is absolutely essential.

Vetcare for dogs
Vetcare for dogs


How often should I take my dog to the vet?

Periodical checkups are necessary. Often enough, they can make a huge difference. Here are a few helpful tips.

How to take care of a dog?
How to take care of a dog?

How to take care of a dog?

Tips and tricks to take care of your dog

It’s very important to help your dog settle in, to embrace its new life. Learn how you can do that successfully.