Why you should adopt a dog instead of buying one

Why adopt instead of buying a dog?

A dog is said to be man’s best friend. Ask any dog owner and you’ll quickly learn that there is no greater truth than this. But if you look close enough, you might notice that nowhere in that saying is the breed of a dog specified. No one says: A Golden Retriever is a man’s best friend. Nor do you hear that dalmatians, pit bulls, bull terriers, pugs or whatever breed you can think of are man’s best friend.

Because that’s not true. That right there would be a myth. The point of this soon-to-be annoying monologue is that no one mentions the specific breed of the dog for the simple reason that it does not matter, not at all actually.

Sure, maybe not us, but what about those people out there that buy a dog of a specific breed, paying huge amounts of money sometimes? Well, they might see things differently, but this certainly does not mean that they are right.

Anyhow, the topic here is a bit different and it refers to the infinite better option of adopting rather than buying a dog.

The breed is usually one of the main reasons for which dog lovers do not see adoption as a valid option. But maybe, just maybe, if the world would hear the benefits of adopting a dog once more, they might reconsider the entire buying affair and rush to the nearest shelter to find their best friend. We might be getting our hopes up, but it’s worth it. After all, we know we are right and soon, you’ll feel the same way. So, here goes, the adoption pleading.

#1. You cannot buy a life

Life is the most precious gift we have been given. And this gift goes way beyond us. We are surrounded by our fellow humans, who make us enjoy our life and by our furry friends, which bring that extra spoon of love that just make things better than they were. Now, you wouldn’t go off to the store to buy a new best friend if you had a quarrel with your BFF, right? Not only is this not legal, nor actually possible, but an idea of this kind would never cross your mind. So, why do we find it that easy to buy animals? They are living, breathing creatures that should not be treated like objects.

The argument that everyone else is doing it cannot hold any longer and it is our responsibility to change that. An animal deserves a loving family, one that can take on the responsibility of caring for it instead of a pet shop client that sees it as a piece of furniture as long as it looks good.

It is ethically incorrect to assume that simply because someone has added a price to living, breathing creatures, capable of displaying emotions of all kinds, it is permitted to buy them.

#2. The shelters are waiting for you

While you’re sitting in front of the computer looking at cute pictures of dressed puppies, the shelters are opening their doors to receive another batch of dogs that have been abandoned by their owners. And so, before you know it, the shelters are full, no room, no corner left to spare. You can help. You can foster or better yet, adopt a shelter pet. You can talk about adoption, about how important it is and try to educate people on their responsibilities of owning a pet.

But, there is another aspect you would do well to consider and remember. When pets are abandoned, they suffer. They suffer tremendously. It is a miracle to witness how a disappointed animal, that has almost lost faith in the world, recovers all that confidence and tail wagging when a new family appears and offers to take it home. Being the person that can change the life of a dog is a great privilege and a visit to the shelter will surely make you see that.

Giving shelter pets a second chance of being part of a loving family is a true privilege. You will win a friend that will love you forever and will be most grateful. The shelter animals need you.

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#3. Support the things you believe in. Support love.

Now, this may sound a bit harsh, but it is necessary. It is cruel to think that people see animals as ways to make profits, nothing more. For these people, animals are objects, some of more value than others.

When deciding to buy an animal, especially from illegal breeders in the hope of obtaining a better price than the one found at the pet shop, you are actually sustaining puppy mills. It is truly horrifying to imagine the things that might happen in those places. Dogs used for mating repeatedly to produce more and more puppies to sell and make a profit. They are not taken care of as illegal breeders find it a waste of money, most likely.

Indeed, it is not pleasant to hear everything that hides behind the sweet puppy eyes of a Golden Retriever, but it is necessary. It might make you understand that the gesture of buying an animal has more meaning than you thought. Avoid encouraging the illegal breeding of animals and choose to adopt rather than buy.

By buying animals, you may support illegal breeding, which is why, as an animal lover, you should consider adopting shelter animals.

#4. Do good to receive blessings.

Doing good deeds is just as important in this life as it is in your future ones, that is if you believe in karma, after-life or reincarnation. Whether you believe or not, however, does not change things, not one bit. Doing good is still important and animals need your help. Look towards shelter animals if you want to find a friend if you want to save a life if you want to make a difference.

Give a second chance to an animal found in distress, living behind bars with no better hope for the future. Give it the chance to once again be part of a loving family, to belong to someone.

Be a better person today and always. Every time you will look in the eyes of your rescued pet, you’ll be reminded that doing good is the best decision you can make, always and forever.

Do good, rescue an animal, rescue a friend and be loved and appreciated forever. Adopt, don’t buy.

#5. Pure breeds cannot guarantee a healthy dog

Putting aside the appearance argument, some people invoke heath. They are firm believers that a pure breed dog is much healthier than one that has been in and out of shelters. However, reality seems to contradict these voices, proving the contrary. Because of the illegal breeders’ desire to make more profit, breeding is done chaotically with no regards to medical rules. Mating mothers with their own pups could lead to serious genetic problems and that pretty much seals the faith of these poor dogs.

Unfortunately, it is no longer a question of vaccines. The range of health problems dogs are exposed to has increased considerably and in the majority of cases, we are actually referring to dogs that have been purchased from breeders, and not those adopted from shelters.

They might just need a bit of mending around the heart. But then again, most of us require the same treatment.

Hopefully, we have given you a bit of material to ponder on. While we could bring a countless number of arguments supporting the idea of adoption, we want you to remember one thing.

Dogs, cats, animals, in general, are not products. They are not toys or cute Christmas or birthday gifts. They are living, breathing creatures, capable of emotions and sometimes in need of help. Help, which you can offer. You can change the life of a dog or a cat. And you, yourself, will be greatly rewarded. You will be given limitless love and appreciation. Is this not what life is all about? Offering love and receiving it in return?

This is your change. Do good. Adopt. Don’t buy.

Woof, Woof, People!

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