Why do you need a dog?

Why do you need a dog?

We are surrounded by stressful events. A missed deadline, a date gone bad, celebrations that turn into family tragedies, even a drive to work, anything can ruin your day and suck all the positive energy out of it.

So, when you hear, whispered or otherwise, shouted that you should see the bright side of things, you start to think that the world really loves to mess with you. There is, however, a group of people, that knows optimism looks pretty much like a dog.

Some might say they are aliens and they have arrived on Earth just to set up these strange traps so, we, the human civilization could fall into them and become what we hoped to avoid: HAPPY.

They have this super-advanced technology, called the heart and through it, they just give and give energy, without holding anything back, without creating their emergency kit, their energy generator. Because they are light years ahead of us, they’ve managed to recharge their batteries through all this giving.

So, yes, it’s strange to think that those gruesome aliens decided to dress up in soft fur to take control over our world. But, it’s true. Control is something you lose in a heartbeat if you are not careful. And speaking of snatching control from us, we did identify their elite group. No one can resist them. They have never failed.

They are the puppies. Big teary eyes, insanely sweet barking, funny walking, they have ground-breaking technology and unseen training. So, things are looking pretty good for these aliens. But what about us, people? How are we throughout this process? Better? Worse? Is the pain unbearable or are we having a hard time seeing the signs of the takeover? Let’s see what dogs do to people and you, yourself be the judge of this invasion

#1: You get better at fighting anxiety with a dog by your side.

Surely you have seen those strange humans who are always followed by a pet, a dog to be more precise. Apparently, dogs are miracle makers when it comes to anxiety issues, as well as post-traumatic stress disorder or depression. Dogs, with special training, of course, can help people fighting these problems in more ways than one.

Not only do they calm their masters to the point in which they can think clearly even in the middle of a crisis, but they can apply pressure to get their human out of the state of nervousness or extreme sadness.

#2: Your heart is mended when having a pet

Apparently, some humans have identified the doggy threat and decided to see what it’s all about. Surely the people doing this are already under control, being pet owners. No doubt about it. Anyway, they did strike gold, because according to their studies, owning a dog can mend your heart. Pets can help you with your heart issues. Indeed, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, pet owners have noticed the positive effects their four-legged friends have on them:

  • Decreased blood pressure.
  • Decreased cholesterol levels.
  • Increased levels of exercise and outdoor activities.
  • Increased socializing opportunities.

For elders, these are amazing long-term effects and these alone can completely change the overall health state, improving the quality of life.

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#3: Growing chances of establishing relationships

Now, this is part of a greater plan, surely. Otherwise, there is no explanation. If we look back in history, you’ll notice how invaders like to isolate communities, groups of people. Their intention is not to bring them closer. Pets are all about socializing and making friends. Having a pet, not only exposes you to an increased number of socializing opportunities but at a certain point, you have to talk to other people, be these pet owners or not. Pets are about bringing people together instead of isolating them.

#4: They offer limitless comfort and love

It’s true, the principle on which these aliens act upon is offering love. They give and give and give, without holding anything back. They show you every minute of every single day how much they love you and appreciate you. And when you are having a bad day, but a really bad day, when you feel more alone than you could have possibly imagined, your pet senses it and comes to comfort you. It’s like medicine you soon grow addicted to. Your pet can turn a bleak day into a wonderful one. Dogs and cats and guinea pigs and whatever animal you have as a pet, love you and they are not afraid to show it.

#5: They increase empathy levels.

To put it plainly, they make us better persons. As you grow accustomed to your pet, as you start appreciating the love it has for you, your care for it increases. You don’t want to see it suffer, you worry if it has mood swings, you want to make it more comfortable so you start investing in better leashes, softer dog beds, cute toys, healthier food and so on. By doing this, by showing you care for anyone and anything other than yourself, your empathy levels increase. You won’t be able to walk by a person in distress without wondering if there was something you could do to help.

Shelter animals will start appearing on your social media feed in the hope that their lives might be changed. You will begin doing things you won’t have normally done and you will get to know the rewarding feeling of helping and caring for others.

The Dog Treat

So, yes, aliens have talked to us. They are taking over our world, soon hopefully! Hopefully because when looking at the effects they have on pet owners, you stop and wonder if this takeover isn’t actually the best thing that could ever happen to us. Of course, it’s funny to think that pets are aliens, but if we indulge in this idea for just a brief moment, we would certainly get rid of the anxiety some people have about UFOs and keep our hopes up for the future our civilization will have.

Pets are wonderful, they make our life better. It’s as simple as that. So go ahead, foster and better yet, adopt, because there is nothing more rewarding than a dog or a cat with a heart filled with love and no one to offer it to. Change a dog’s life and it will make yours better than you could possibly imagine!

Hopefully now you have lots of reasons to find your new best friend!

Woof, Woof, People!

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