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This website puts an emphasis on rehoming dogs from shelters across Romania by finding adoptive families for them.

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Dog Rescue

Choose to rescue a dog, not buy one!

Why would you buy a dog when you can save one from an animal rescue center?

Daily, hundreds of dogs are killed in animal shelters all over the world. They die in agony, while their rightful place, next to loving owners is taken away by commercialisation of pets.

Rescue Dog Breeds

Rescue Dogs

By rescuing a dog, you give life!

When rescuing a dog, instead of buying one, you give life and hope there where these concepts are long forgotten. These dogs often come from bruised pasts of molestation, and even so, their affection for humans is tremendous.

Helping such a soul is like giving them a second life, a change to start all over again and see that this world can offer more than pain and suffering. Choose to be an angel for a needy soul and rescue a dog, don`t buy one.

You can even find cross breed dogs for rescue. Below you can see such examples.

Border Collie Rescue

Border Collie Rescue

Border Collie

This breed is a favourite amongst UK dog lovers, being developed around the Anglo-Scottish border. It is a medium stature dog, averaging at 20 inches tall and about 18kg.

Being a medium-sized dog, the border collie is mostly wanted by owners that live in apartments. This breed is very intelligent due to it`s sheep herding background.

In the left image you can see Furry, a 1,6 year old cross Border Collie dog rescued from Romania that found a home in The Netherlands. He was found on the street and brought to our shelter where he had to fight scab, Parvovirosis canina and distemper. He was a nutty and always hungry, kind of big for the tiny cage. His transformation was amazing when freed from the cage.

German Shepherd Rescue

German Shepherd Dog Rescue

German Shepherd

The german shepherd (or alsatian) is one of the smartest breeds of dogs, they are very dynamic and can accommodate to a large variety of situations.

This medium to big size dog can be your kid`s best friend or one of your colleagues - being used in many professions. They usually grow to 60cm height and weigh about 40kg. Being so intelligent, it's easy to train him and it can be counted on to guard a home or property. Not to mention their fondness for humans.

We helped recover a wonderful 4 years old german shepherd cross. She was found in an abandoned yard, barely living. We treated her and found how loving and affectionate she was.

Golden Retriever Rescue

Golden Retriever Dog Rescue

Golden Retriever

The golden retriever breed is very popular in the Uk, especially Scotland. They are known not only for their hunting abilities but have also proved to be exceptional companions, with their innate helping instincts.

Children simply adore them and parents agree that the golden retriever makes a great friend, not to mention a guardian. Tessa is a golden retriever cross with the saddest story. Abandoned 15 km away from home she soon returned to live under a bridge. Through an exceptional coincidence, we took her in foster next to her former owner who claimed her back but "lost" her again.

We knew exactly were she was, under the same bridge, begging for love. She is truly a wonderful dog, never barked to disturb, only squealing for attention. Her devotion simply impressed us.

Labrador Rescue

Labrador Dog Rescue


Labradors also known as Newfoundland breed, originated from Canada and are big sized dogs(aprox. 60cm high, 35 kg) easy to train and generally healthy. Their colour can be black, chocolate like or beige.

Labradors haven't been used as company dogs from the beginning, rather, they were used for hunting, like their fellow golden retriever. The difference between those two stands in the most visual aspect: their fur (the labrador has a much shorter hair).

Molly and Dolly are two lovely sisters who resemble this breed although we are not familiar with their siblings, as they were abandoned at our gates. They are young, gentle and energetic, still waiting to go home.

Puppies for sale

Why we don`t encourage people to buy pets

Puppies for sale, dogs for sale, we see these in almost every shopping centre near us. It`s time to pun an end to this practice. Dogs are not products, they are not to be sold. It`s up to you to make a small difference and put an end to the dog trade and discourage puppy mills for good.

Dogs for sale

Stop buying dogs, try to adopt one!

If all of us will stop buying pets and not look at them as a commodity, this world could become a better place.

The shopping malls are full of store fronts with small dogs for sale, do you think they are happy there? Did you know that the stores that have puppies for sale are making huge profits while the puppies are often times fed bad food, just to look good?

They are treating their dogs for sale like toys, neglecting the animal`s need for affection. The shops are stuffing the puppies with food that will make them look better temporarily, just like a soda drink is wrapped in a fancy coloured pack.

Dogs for sale

Small dogs for sale

Do you know what happens with the dogs that don`t sale?

If a dog is too small or doesn`t look good, it won`t sale! When a small dog is not sold, it will be thrown away to whomever is willing to pay anything on it. The pet shop will aim to recover it`s initial investment.

For the shop owner, it`s all just a business, they don`t care if the dog will be maltreated afterwards, all that matters is that the investment is recovered. That`s why most small dogs for sale that under-perform some times end up in laboratories where they are subject to inhumane testing.

We heard several cases where owners of freshly bought puppies started having problems with their dog. When taking it back for a check up, they were scoffed at and told that they can't do anything about it or simply replace the puppy with a "new" one.

Small Dogs For Sale

Dogs for sale near me

This is a personal rant!

Whenever I see dogs for sale near me, I`m overwhelmed with anger because I know that those animals are becoming marketing assets, the better they look, the larger the profit becomes. That`s why we don`t even buy dog food from shops that also sell pets.

It should be for you as well! If you truly love animals and know there is a place where they sale dogs near you, just discourage your friends to buy a pet from that place. Rather look for an animal shelter where you can rescue a dog for free.

Dogs for sale near me

Dog Rehoming

If you can`t adopt, maybe you can help rehome!

You can help us rehome a dog by temporary hosting it. Most of our dogs come from Romanian shelters, where the lack of human interaction can affect a dogs' attitude towards humans, resulting a very shy and scared dog. Putting it in foster would greatly help to build up a nice healthy character that would allow the dog to be quickly placed in a permanent home.

Dogs for rehoming

Dogs for rehoming

What dogs do we need to rehome?

Any dog, even a grown-up with a defined character could easily be sent into a foster. This again helps us to better observe it's behaviour within a real home.

If you choose to foster a puppy, you should know what are the advantaged and disadvantages towards adopting a grown-up. Being very young, puppies don't know yet what they are allowed to do and what is not allowed especially if they haven't been inside a house before. Also, their size could be a surprise!

Should you consider fostering an adult, you already know a few certain thing about it: their size is obvious but also they are emotionally mature. Fortunately, that doesn't mean it will love you less.

Rehome a dog

Rehome dogs

How can you help rehome a dog?

As mentioned above, there are a lot of benefits for a dog when he goes into a loving foster. What we haven't mentioned yet is that you are making us a great favour too. As you probably know, shelters are full and stray dogs in need are everywhere.

Any dog that goes in foster or permanent home, makes room for a new dog to be saved from the streets. Sadly, the Romanian law allows shelters to kill dogs within 14 days if they don't get adopted.

I think it's pointless mentioning how those two weeks are for those already traumatized dogs and how many adoptions there are. In fact, many shelters refuse adoptions on several absurd reasons.

Rehoming dogs

Rehoming a dog

What do you need to rehome dogs?

In order to take in a dog, whether we are talking about foster or adoption, you must prove that you can assure a decent life-style for the new member. For this reason, a home check will take place.

A home check means that someone will literally come and check your home, where the future dog will stay. This is only made by an authorized person or a known rescuer so no worries there.

Should the future place be alright, a backup foster is found so that in the case the dog doesn't accommodate or simply the respective family doesn't want it anymore, there should be a backup to make sure the dog doesn't end up abandoned again or even put to sleep.

Dog Rescue Near Me

Find a dog rescue center near you and adopt!

Now that you know the whole story, maybe you can help by searching a dog rescue center near you and adopt a needy soul from them. You can also browse our "catalog" to see what dogs are ready for adoption and maybe rescue a dog from our animal shelter.

Dog Rescue Centres Near Me

Dog Rescue Centers (Sanctuaries)

The dog rescue centers are well organized locations where you can find help and guidance besides the dog itself. These centers also engage in long term hosting of the respective animals.

There are dozens of dog rescue centers all over the UK, most of them you can find online. We are also a dog rescue center, however we don`t have a strong presence in the UK, just through our representatives in Scotland and the fosters. In the lower part of this section, you will find a search engine that will help you quickly identify the nearest dog rescue center.

Dog Rescue Centers Near Me

Dog Shelters Near Me

Dog Shelters (Dog Pounds)

These are usually state-owned facilities where people abandon their pets. They are also called animal shelters or dog pounds. In the UK, most of the dog shelters are run by organizations like the RSCPA or Dog Trust, which are oriented in rehoming the animals rather than killing them.

However, most of the European countries do encourage the euthanasia of animals, this being a publicly accepted solution. In a recent survey, most of the respondents in European countries said that they would permit the killing of adult healthy animals if adoption fails (in a given period of time). The only countries that opposed this method are: Germany, Italy, Greece and the Czech Republic).

Dog Shelters Near Me

Free Puppies Near Me

How to Find Puppies

If you are looking for young dogs or puppies, the best place you can find them is online. You should check large classifieds websites like Gumtree or Preloved. If both of these fail, there are even animal-oriented search sites but you will seldom find puppies on them. Check the lower part of this sections for links to these websites.

If you don`t find any puppy in the UK using the methods above, make sure to send us an e-mail, maybe you will find a dog that you like in our shelter. Weekly we find 5-10 abandoned puppies that often times end up dying from dangerous diseases. You could rescue them and offer them the life they deserve!

Free puppies

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How to reach us

You can contact us using the details below. Also, if you want to send us a message, the easiest way to do so is by filling the contact form.

Contact Details

Phone number: (RO) +40 720 375 763

Phone number: (UK) +44 785 000 3774

E-mail address: [email protected]

Physical address: Industriei (street name), 12F (street number), Moreni (town), Dambovita (county), 135300 (zip code)

We`re also social!

You can find us most of the popular social media networks where we engage with our community, answer questions and post updates about our work. Although we are present on every network mentioned below, we are mostly active on Facebook.