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How much does adopting a dog costs?

Adopting a dog or a cat, even a guinea pig or a hamster, is a wonderful gesture and it is greatly rewarded. The love that these animals have to give is huge. By allowing a wagging tail to live with you, to be your friend, by welcoming it in your home and taking care of it, you are rewarded with endless love and gratitude.

It’s a feeling you will grow accustomed with. It’s really no wonder how so many people that decide to adopt and do so cannot help themselves from doing it all over again and again and again. It’s an addiction. But, like any addiction, it comes with some costs.

Of course that once you are rewarded with love, those costs will long be forgotten. But it is only fair you know what these are and more importantly what they represent. So, let’s have a look over them, shall we?

The cost of adoption can be broken down in the following expenses:

Healthcare costs

Rescue organizations save dogs. It’s as simple as that. Dogs kept in terrible conditions, strays, dogs that have been rescued from public, high-kill shelters, are rescued by a dedicated organization and brought to private kennels.

Here, a team of veterinarians check the dogs and focus on relieving them of any pain or discomfort they might be in. So, really the costs associated with medical treatments depend on the overall health state of your furry friend.

Also, all animals receive basic shots, which are necessary for their future journey. In order to prevent illnesses such as Distemper, Kennel Cough or Parvovirus, all dogs will be properly vaccinated.

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Spaying costs

It is a common practice to spay all adult dogs in private kennels. If the dog is in good health, this will usually happen at the rescue center and by the time the two of you meet, your furry friend is already neutered.

However, if you are adopting a puppy, you will have to take care of this surgery. In that case, this cost does not exist.

Microchipping Costs

Surely you know that in order to travel, all dogs must be micro-chipped. The rescue organization takes care of this issue early on in the process, as it is mandatory. In case the dog is lost or stolen, the microchip will help in its retrieval.

Transport Costs

Somehow, at some point, hopefully, sooner than you might have expected, your dog will arrive at its destination, meaning you, its’ forever home. To get there, however, some costs are involved. So, you need to add the car ride to the list of expenses.

Feeding & Care Costs

Any adoption process takes time, even though all parts involved would want to see the dog rapidly settled in its’ forever home. Throughout all this time, however, your dog needs to be fed and taken care of. It has to be monitored to make sure that it is in good health and ready to embark on its’ journey.

Round-up, total costs

Healthcare cost:

Transport Costs:

Micro-chipping Costs:

Feeding & Care Costs:

Total Adoption Costs:

Reward: Endless Love & Gratitude

One last mention

Before we wrap this up, we just wanted to say that it is all worth it. The work behind each adoption is enormous and the dedication of the staff is beyond words. The end goal is to see a dog with an unfortunate start in life finding a forever home and being surrounded by love.

It is important to understand that when you decide to adopt a dog, you are doing good for many other dogs in need. The adoption cost allows the rescue organization to save others.

So, really, you are not saving just one, you are supporting a cause and giving so many more animals in distress a chance to be saved.

Therefore, in the end, thank you, in the name of your dog and many more you might not ever know! Thank for supporting rescue organizations and helping them make the world a better place.

Your good deed is greatly appreciated, more than you could possibly imagine.

Woof Woof, People!

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