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Ref: RDR001363
May 2022
Black and beige
Dog friendly:
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My story

In the quaint, rolling hills of the Romanian countryside, a small dog named Maze roamed alone. She was a sociable little creature, with a coat of black and beige that seemed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. But despite her friendly disposition, Maze had been abandoned by her previous owners, left to fend for herself in this harsh world. It was a fateful day when our team of dedicated dog rescuers stumbled upon Maze. We had been scouring the countryside, searching for abandoned animals in need of a second chance. And there she was, a pitiful sight, her tail wagging weakly as if it had long forgotten what a loving touch felt like. With tender care and gentle words, we approached Maze, coaxing her into our arms. Her trusting eyes spoke volumes, reflecting both a yearning for affection and the pain of past abandonment. As we cradled her in our arms, we knew that we had found a precious soul deserving of a warm and loving home. So, we pledged to give Maze the life she had always deserved, one filled with kindness, companionship, and an abundance of love.

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Important notice!
  • All dogs are now in Moreni, Dambovita county, Romania;
  • Preparation for adoption may take 3-4 weeks for adults and 2 months for puppies (some dogs may be ready to go anytime, just check the "ready to travel" section or ask us any time);
  • The adopter supports all the costs.
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The best way to help Maze is to adopt. If that`s not an option, then maybe you can support us by donating a small amount to our cause. Please try to donate a small sum but on a monthly basis. This way we can control our finances more easily and be much more efficient in our work. Even 2£ per month can make a big difference for our dogs!

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