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Ref: RDR001463 | Irina
June 2022
Black and beige
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My story

In the rolling hills of the Romanian countryside, beneath the shadow of old beech trees, our story unfolds with Rocky, a sociable, medium-sized, black and beige grown-up boy. Rocky's tale is one etched with the melancholy of abandonment. Once the heartbeat of a loving home, his days transformed into a silent longing as he was inexplicably left to his fate, alone and bewildered. His coat, a canvas of black and beige, lost its luster, and his once vibrant eyes dimmed under the weight of solitude. Our path crossed with Rocky's on a crisp, autumn morning. We found him wandering, a forlorn figure against the russet leaves. His trusting nature, undimmed by his ordeal, shone through as he approached us with a tentative wag of his tail. It was a moment of profound heartache and hope. Gently coaxing him into our care, we couldn't help but be moved by his resilience and his immediate willingness to trust again. Now in the safety of our rescue, Rocky looks out with hopeful eyes for a new chapter. He deserves a home brimming with love and laughter, where he can share his boundless affection and zest for life. Could you be the one to offer Rocky the loving home he so deeply craves? Open your heart to him, and he will fill your life with joy and unwavering companionship.

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  • All dogs are now in Moreni, Dambovita county, Romania;
  • Preparation for adoption may take 3-4 weeks for adults and 2 months for puppies (some dogs may be ready to go anytime, just check the "ready to travel" section or ask us any time);
  • The adopter supports all the costs.
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The best way to help Rocky is to adopt. If that`s not an option, then maybe you can support us by donating a small amount to our cause. Please try to donate a small sum but monthly. This way we can control our finances more easily and be much more efficient in our work. Even 2£ per month can make a big difference for our dogs!

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